Not A Creature Was Stirring, Except For That Mouse! The Top Three Reasons To Get It Quickly Out Of Your House!

Twas the month leading up to Christmas and all through your house, not a creature was stirring, except for a mouse. While the mouse wants to be nestled, all snug in its bed, visions of an exterminator getting it out should be dancing through your head. Mice are not creatures you want to share your home with, even during the holiday season. Here are a few reasons you want to send this pest packing, and fast.

Why Are Roaches Suddenly Appearing In Your Home?

If you live in an apartment or a row home, you may begin to notice the occasional roach when you flip on a light in the middle of the night. If you haven't had any previous issues with roaches in your home, it's likely that they were unwittingly brought inside or are coming from a neighboring home or apartment in search of better living conditions.  You may also experience a spontaneous infestation of roaches, which is an indication that your neighbor is performing roach eradication procedures and that the roaches are fleeing for their lives.

Three Things You Should Know About Termites And Firewood

If you've recently moved into a home that features a fireplace or a wood stove, you're undoubtedly anticipating cozy nights by the fire with family, friends, or maybe just a good book and the company of a cat. However, insect pests such as termites have been known to hitch a ride on firewood to home interiors -- and you may be afraid that this will result in a termite infestation. The good news is that because primary termite colonies consisting of the queen and her circle actually live in the surrounding soil rather than the wood itself, it is not at all difficult to prevent the them from setting up shop in your home interior via firewood.

What To Do If Squirrels Have Claimed Your Home As A Winter Resort

Squirrels spend a lot of time prepping for the winter, between storing away food and building nests. This is all wonderful if the squirrels are living outside, but it's less than stellar if they have decided your home will be their winter resort. If you suspect you have squirrels in your attic or elsewhere in your home, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the problem. Contact a rodent removal service, and use this guide to help get rid of your squirrel squad.

Two Tips To Help Keep Mice Out Of Your Home

Sharing your living space with mice is rarely a pleasant experience. Whether it's an errant mouse that you happened to come across or you actually have an infestation of the little critters, your main objective is getting rid of them. However, before it even gets to the point where you have to deal with mice, it's best to practice preventative techniques. There are things you can do decrease the chances that mice will be able to break into your domain.