Two Tips To Help Keep Mice Out Of Your Home

Sharing your living space with mice is rarely a pleasant experience. Whether it's an errant mouse that you happened to come across or you actually have an infestation of the little critters, your main objective is getting rid of them. However, before it even gets to the point where you have to deal with mice, it's best to practice preventative techniques. There are things you can do decrease the chances that mice will be able to break into your domain. Use this information to learn more about a couple of ways you can keep mice out of your home:

Increasing Your Insulation Could Be The Key

One of the first things you should do when looking to get rid of mice is consider beefing up your insulation. Insulation is a layer of protection just behind your walls that play a number of different roles. It helps to make your home more peaceful because it dampens outside noise, as well as being critical in helping to preserve your indoor climate. Insulation also is essential when it comes to keeping unwanted pests out of your home as well.

When your insulation is faulty there are openings in place that can allow rodents into your home. If you happen to live in an older home you might not realize that the insulation is almost completely worn away. It's quite easy to forget about checking the quality of your insulation because it is mainly out of view. You might not realize that you have gaping holes in your insulation that almost beg mice to come inside.

It's a good idea for you to contact an insulation contractor and have them do a thorough evaluation. If your insulation is found lacking you might want to think about getting liquid insulation. It provides fantastic coverage that can help to keep the critters out.

Waterproofing Your Home Is The Way To Go

Waterproofing your home involves using a caulking solution to seal up those tiny cracks that tend to appear in the foundation and side panels of your house. You can purchase the caulking from a local hardware store and make it an easy do-it-yourself project. If those mice return, they'll find that their usual entryway has been blocked off.

Keeping mice out of your home doesn't have to be a pipe dream. Start using these tips today so you can make it more difficult for mice to enter your abode. Contact a company like PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control for more information and assistance.