Three Things You Should Know About Termites And Firewood

If you've recently moved into a home that features a fireplace or a wood stove, you're undoubtedly anticipating cozy nights by the fire with family, friends, or maybe just a good book and the company of a cat. However, insect pests such as termites have been known to hitch a ride on firewood to home interiors -- and you may be afraid that this will result in a termite infestation. The good news is that because primary termite colonies consisting of the queen and her circle actually live in the surrounding soil rather than the wood itself, it is not at all difficult to prevent the them from setting up shop in your home interior via firewood. Here's what you need to know about termites and firewood. 

Stack Your Firewood Off the Ground

Stacking your firewood on the ground is a sure way to attract a termite infestation. The easiest way to keep firewood off the ground is to simply place a couple of pallets on a level area, cover them with a tarp, and stack your wood. Use another tarp to cover the firewood in order to protect it from precipitation. Consider having a firewood shed constructed if you live in an area that receives significant snowfall. 

Don't Put Your Woodpile Next to Your Home

Many people think that stacking their firewood right next to their home exterior is a good idea. After all, it's convenient -- you won't have to go far when the time comes to feed the fire. Such an easy food source will attract termites, however, By the same token don't stack the wood on your porch, and only bring in enough for a day or two at a time -- even though termites will most likely die after being brought inside, if the wood is highly infested and your home that has possible points of entry, could end up with a indoor termite problem. 

Don't Treat Termite Infested Firewood For Chemicals

Many people automatically seek a chemical solution as a response to noticeable insect activity, but keep in mind that chemicals can produce dangerous fumes when burned. Once you notice termites in your woodpile, immediately move the wood up off the ground. Your local termite pest control expert can offer further advice on how to deal with termites in your firewood, including how to inspect firewood before you buy it to make certain that it isn't already infested. 

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