Getting Rid Of Termites: Tips For Preparing Your Home For Fumigation

You've noticed signs of potential termite damage throughout your home, but don't know just how extensive the problem is. Unfortunately, if your home is infested with drywood termites and the exterminator isn't able to apply a pesticide directly to the affected wood, or if the infestation is severe, fumigation might be the only option. According to, you may need to vacate your home for anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, depending upon the weather conditions and the size of your house.

5 Tips for Keeping Rodents Away from Your Car's Engine Bay

If you decide to put away your vehicle for an extended period of time, the last thing you want is for mice, rats and other rodents to make themselves at home inside of your vehicle's engine bay. Rodents can wreak havoc by chewing away wiring looms, stuffing air intakes full of bedding material, and leaving behind other debris. To keep this from happening to your vehicle, here are a few tips you can use.

Protecting Fabric And Textiles: 3 Tips To Keeping Moths Away By Getting Rid Of Their Eggs

The first step to exterminating a moth infestation that could potentially ruin all of your finest clothes, your beautiful bed sheets and blankets, and any other textiles and fabrics you have lying around is to get rid of the eggs. Once inside your home, a female moth will lay anywhere from 40 to 50 eggs within the following two to three weeks in dark, often forgotten places, and these eggs will easily hatch in 4 to 5 days.

House Fly Infestation Issues - Understanding The Problem And How It Can Be Controlled

If you notice a great many flies buzzing around your home, then this can be a huge nuisance. House flies can infest your property, like other types of insects and rodents. Just like other types of pests, you should work to get rid of them. If you want to know why you should eradicate the infestation and also how you can go about doing this, keep reading. Why Are House Flies A Concern?

Serious Mouse Problem? 3 Reasons Why Your Mouse Control Efforts Fail

Mice can become huge problems if they take over your home. To eliminate or control your mouse problem, you might try many things, including placing multiple traps around the house. But if nothing works, you could be inadvertently sabotaging your efforts by eating in your bedrooms, leaving dirty clothing on the floor, or allowing pets to eat treats in the living space. Mice can seek out and find even the smallest morsels of food.