Pest Control In Phoenix AZ Needed For Bed Bugs--They Don't Hibernate!

In colder climates, many pest control problems decrease during winter. However, pest control in Phoenix AZ is a booming business all year long. Cockroaches, rodents, even scorpions--all thrive happily during the winter in our warm city. Bed bugs, however, are a particular scourge no matter what time of the year it is. Bed bugs are tiny (less the half the width of your little finger) parasitic insects that live off blood; it doesn't matter to them whether it is yours or your pets' blood. They are very difficult to detect, because they only come out in the middle of the night; 2:00 am to 3:00 am is their favorite hour. You do not feel their bites, both because of their tiny size and because they inject a mild anesthetic as they break your skin. They are quick--each feeding frenzy lasts but about 10 minutes--and then they are back to their burrows long before you awake to red, itchy marks on your arms, legs, and trunk. Professionals who do pest control in Phoenix AZ will tell you that they are a particularly difficult bug to detect. Bed bugs, though so small, cost Americans billions of dollars each year to control. Treating a single family residence infested with bedbugs may cost a family as much as $5000. Because they are so small and can embed themselves in such undetectable places within the home, repeated treatments are often needed. Furniture, mattresses and boxsprings often have to be thrown out and new items purchased. Clothes also may have to be discarded, along with bedding. It is important to use a highly professional company, experienced in the elimination of bed bugs, when you consider pest control in Phoenix AZ. How do you know if you have bed bugs in your home? The first telltale sign will be the red, itchy marks on your body when you awake in the morning. Another sign is brownish-red splotches on your sheets that look like blood; these are in fact fecal materials from the bugs, which do contain blood. You may see casings of bed bug bodies on your floors, the result of molting. You may smell the scent of rotting raspberries. And lastly, if you wake in the night and look through your bedding with the aid of a flashlight, you may see these little invaders crawling through your sheets. Bed bugs' bites do not transmit any known diseases, but they can cause allergic reactions. These reactions are not life threatening; rather, they exacerbate the usual itching and swelling that can occur in people without allergies. However, you may develop a secondary response to the bites such as impetigo. If you have eczema, your reaction is likely to be more severe than in people who do not have eczema. More profound than the discomfort of the physical bites, however, is the psychological fallout from the concept of bugs crawling on you in the dark. Many people develop anxiety and depression as a result of bed bug infestations in their homes. Some even develop a type of post traumatic stress disorder. Professionals who do pest control in Phoenix AZ regularly come into contact with people whose lives have becoming nightmarish as they try to battle these tiny insects. Professional pest control in Phoenix AZ is necessary in order to effectively eliminate bed bugs from your home. Exterminators are skilled in detecting all the areas bugs may be hiding inside your home, including infinitesimally tiny cracks and crevices in drawers, walls, and floors. These pest control technicians know that bugs can roam as far as eight feet to find a food source, so it is important to search all possible hiding places in that range. Because many bugs are immune to certain pesticides, exterminators have to use high-grade sprays in order to kill them. Heat treatments are often necessary to kill these bugs; professional equipment is necessary to do this correctly. Also, professional exterminators can come back on a regular basis to inspect and treat as needed. If your winter is disturbed by these stubborn bugs, call a professional business skilled in bed bug pest control in Phoenix AZ right away. Quick treatment is needed so that you can snuggle in your warm bed without worrying that you are sharing it with anyone you didn't invite. Click here to learn more about extermination services.