The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Pest Control, and Why It Matters

When you think "pest control," you naturally assume that all exterminators take on all extermination jobs. That is not so. In fact, there are many pest control experts that will provide service to either residential customers only or to commercial customers only. Commercial pest control has its marked differences. Here are those differences and why they are important. Commercial Pest Control Addresses Major Infestations Commercial pest control experts are dealing with major infestations in commercial areas and buildings.

How To Reduce Ant Invasions In Your Home

If you frequently get ants in your home, it might feel like there's almost nothing you can do to stop them. Keeping ant invasions to a minimum requires keeping ants away and uninterested in coming inside rather than trying to kill as many as possible; they are as numerous as they are persistent. But a little work can go a long way toward keeping ants away. Remove Avenues of Entry

Elderly Loved One Plagued By Bed Bugs? Fight The Pests With These Exterminating Tips

If you find bed bugs in your elderly parent's home, take immediate action to eliminate the pests now. Bed bugs can inflict multiple painful bites during the night. If your loved one has a weakened immune system, blood disorder, or another serious condition, bed bug bites can be dangerous for them. Learn how to fight the pests in your loved one's home with the exterminating tips below. Move Your Loved One Out of the Home

Have Ants? Tips For Putting Out Ant Bait

If you've recently noticed ants coming into your home, you'll want to find a way to get rid of them for good. Thankfully, there are plenty of ant poisons at your disposal that can help get the job done. Here is what you need to know about ant control and putting out ant bait. How Does Ant Bait Work? Ant bait is unique since it does not kill the ants immediately after they eat it.

Summer Is Almost Here: How To Keep The Pests Out Of Your Leftover Firewood

If you've got firewood stored in your yard, you need to make sure it doesn't become a target for pests. You might not realize this, but firewood can quickly become a breeding ground for a wide variety of pests. You might think that since summer is almost here, you don't need to worry about the problem anymore, but that's not the case. As long as you have firewood in your yard, you need to be concerned about pest activity.