Why Are Some Homes At Greater Risk Of A Rodent Infestation?

If you are dealing with a mice or rate infestation, you might seek to know what attracts these pesky pests into a residence. Understanding why rodents infest a home is one way to help ensure that the problem doesn't recur. Keep in mind that dealing with a rodent infestation can be costly and exposes everyone in your household to diseases.

Because every home is at risk of being invaded by mice and rats, it is imperative that you learn the causes of an infestation. This post will outline some reasons why homes experience rodent problems.

Poor Hygiene

If you are not conscientious about maintaining cleanliness, rats and mice can more easily invade your home. This is because the residence will have plenty of attractants, e.g., food scraps, making it favorable for rodents to settle in or around the house. Having garbage in and around the house also creates an unhygienic space. Consequently, rodents and other pests are drawn to the area in order to get food. They may also find your house an ideal place to nest and multiply, significantly escalating the problem. Accordingly, ensure that you maintain sanitation in your home and around the yard to avoid attracting mice and rats. Moreover, since rats are attracted to water, do not keep bowls of water outdoors or allow water pools to form in your yard.

Readily Available Shelter

Another reason you may find rats or mice in your home is the availability of suitable shelter. Rodents are always searching for shelter, particularly when they want to reproduce. Thus, if they come across your home and find it to be a potential nesting site, they will likely try to settle in. In other cases, they may settle outside as long as there are materials like mulch, leaves, and other forms of debris that can form a nest for their colony. However, they will likely continue searching for an opening to enter the house or create one using their teeth.

To help ensure that rats and mice don't enter your home, seal all the openings in your ceiling, plumbing, sewer, windows, doors, etc. This way, the rodents will not find an easy way to gain entry. Additionally, keep the yard clean and do not pile mulch or dry leaves near the house. Old automobiles and furniture should also be disposed of as they are excellent sources of outdoor shelter for rodents.

If you suspect a rat or mouse infestation in your home, do not hesitate to call a pest control expert. They will help you by eradicating these pesky pests and sharing recommendations to prevent another infestation.

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