Termite Extermination: 3 Strategies Professionals Use For The Most Effective Results

Termites can cause havoc on your premises if you don't notice their presence and get rid of them within the shortest time possible. Therefore, you might want to inspect your house regularly to ensure that you detect their presence before they cause significant damage. Hollow-sounding wood and mud tubes are some of the clear indications that you have a termite infestation in your home. Therefore, it is advisable to get professional help to get rid of these harmful insects. Your professional may use the following strategies for termite extermination.

They Might Use Termiticide Barriers

Your pest control expert may use a termite barrier to get rid of them and prevent them from accessing your house. They will get the best products that will kill the insects within the shortest time possible and prevent an infestation in the future. They will apply the treatments to your home's exterior parts to create a barrier. This is one of the most effective termite control strategies because termites spread the chemical very fast after eating the material treated with the chemical. That expedites the killing process, getting rid of the colony within a short time.

They May Use Direct Chemicals

Direct chemicals exterminate termites immediately after the treatment. Therefore, if your pest control expert notice you have a heavy termite infestation in your house, they might use this strategy to get rid of them. Your exterminator will shoot the chemicals directly into areas they might have noticed termite presence. They will most likely use a chemical that will leave residue behind because it will continue killing insects for months. Therefore, you don't have to worry about another infestation within the next few weeks or months after a professional treatment.  

They Might Use Spot Treatment Using Termiticide 

Termites are hazardous because they can hide inside the wood for months without showing any signs of infection. However, a professional exterminator can detect their presence and get rid of them before they damage your painted or finished wood. They will drill holes into the termite-infested wood before filling them with termiticide. Your exterminator will then use a wood patch to fill up the holes.

Termites can quickly eat away at your home's foundation, compromising the structure's integrity and longevity. Besides, they can damage essential documents, making them unusable. That explains why you need to call a reputable pest control company to exterminate them when you detect their presence. They will use the three strategies above and any other treatment procedures to treat all the entry points, get rid of the pests, and prevent an infestation in the future.