4 Pest Control Services You Might Need For A Pest-Free Summer

When summer is on the way, it's time to take pest control seriously. If you haven't been getting regular treatments during the winter, you might want to start before summer arrives so you can prevent infestations of ants, roaches, and other annoying summer pests. Here are some pest control services you might need during the summer.

1. Yard Treatments For Mosquitoes 

If you like to spend time outdoors in the summer, talk to your pest control service about treatments for mosquitoes. You'll probably need these treatments more frequently than you'll need preventative treatments for the indoors, but the extra trouble is worth it to have a mosquito-free yard.

2. Bait Treatments For Ants

Ants can be problems during the summer since you could have a huge colony of them in your yard. The colony may send out a stream of ants that march in your kitchen every day, and killing the ants you see won't do much to stop the invasion.

Instead, your pest control service might put out ant bait. This works to kill off the colony since ants pick up the bait and carry it back to the colony to wipe out a large number of ants.

3. Perimeter Sprays For Roaches

Roaches are more active outdoors in the summer. If you have damp mulch near your home or have leaf clumps and decaying tree branches on the ground, you could have the perfect hiding places for roaches. Roaches like damp areas, so they hide under mulch and leaves. If their hiding places are close to your home, they can sneak inside under the door or through a crack.

One of the pest control services you'll probably want is perimeter spraying where the exterminator sprays insecticide around the outside of your home. This spray can last for several weeks to kill roaches that live nearby or try to wander in your home.

4. Special Treatments For Fleas 

Fleas can be bothersome during the summer, especially when you have pets. Your dog or cat can carry the fleas in your house, and before long, you might see fleas jumping everywhere.

Your pest control company can treat your yard and your home to eliminate fleas and ticks, but you may need to help out by getting flea treatments for your pets, vacuuming regularly, and washing your pet's bedding to keep your home free from fleas until they're all killed.

Other pests, including rats, might also invade during the summer, so getting help from a pest control service when you need it could mean the difference between an enjoyable pest-free summer and putting up with annoying pests all season long.

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