Hidden Danger: Termite Extermination and What to Expect

Finding evidence of termites in the home can be a terrifying discovery for homeowners. Knowing that one's home has been compromised by pests that are actively eating away at the structure is understandably horrific. Luckily, trained professional pest control technicians can eradicate termite colonies and suggest means on how to prevent further infestations in the future. Here is what homeowners can expect during the termite extermination process. 

The Inspection Process

Though customers may be anxious for the extermination process to begin as quickly as possible, a thorough inspection must first be completed by the technician. Conducting an exterior inspection, the technician will check for any areas of the structure that may be compromised such as crumbling wooden panels or dry rot. Areas around the base of the home may also be checked to ensure the exterior has been completely covered. Interior inspections will be conducted in each room along with any crawlspace or attic space that may be infested. Findings such as termite frass, mud tubes, or discarded wings will be noted as signs of a major infestation. 

Termite Extermination

The extermination process for termites is extensive and will require the residents of the home to leave the property for its entirety. Technicians will use specialized equipment to heat the affected areas of the home with high temperatures. Reaching upwards of 140F, these high temperatures effectively kill off termite colonies. The treatment process should take no longer than a day; however, the technician will alert the homeowner to whether any further treatments may be required. If the infestation is bad enough, another treatment may be required to ensure the entire colony has been eradicated. Fumigation treatments are another option that uses chemicals to help exterminate termites in the home. For infestations that are especially severe, fumigation treatments would be an effective way to completely remove the problem. 

Results and What to Look For

Following the treatment, technicians will discuss further options with the homeowner. If any areas of entry have been located during the initial inspection, it will be recommended that these areas be sealed to prevent termites from once again invading. Even with a termite treatment completed, certain regions are simply prone to attracting these pests. In these cases, sealing any entry points immediately will help further protect the home. Homeowners should also continue to keep watch for any signs of termites in the home and immediately speak to a technician if any evidence of their presence is found.