How To Get Rid Of Patio Ants

Ants on your patio can be very irritating. They get all over your patio furniture and can make eating outside a pain to deal with. The ants are more than likely coming out from the grass nearby or from other areas such as from cracks in your patio. If you have ants on your patio, they can be quite a nuisance. To help you get rid of them and take back control of your yard, there are things you can do. Read on for helpful tips.

Spray The Perimeter And Cracks

Spray the perimeter of the patio and any cracks in the concrete where the ants may be coming up from using a pesticide that is safe for outside use. Spray the entire perimeter and the cracks using the pesticide. You can also spray a bit into the grass and spray any ant hills you see as well to be sure you are getting rid of the majority of the ants. Be sure to keep pets and small children away when you spray the area, and keep them away until the pesticide is dry.

Fill In Cracks 

You should fill in the cracks around your patio to prevent ants from coming up through the cracks and crevices. Fill in the cracks using caulk or a concrete repair kit. Ants can be tunneling below the patio and could end up causing damage to your patio over time, which can also be costly to repair. Fill in these cracks and make repairs to your patio each year to prevent damage caused by these pests.

Keep Your Patio Clean

Keep your patio clean and free of debris by sweeping it often. Clean off yard debris and leaves, as well as food crumbs left behind from your latest picnic outside. If you have any trash outside, be sure it's in a garbage can and you have a lid tightly in place. You should also be sure the garbage can is off of the patio and set away from the patio to prevent ants from getting too close as well.

If you have an issue with ants on your patio, it can ruin your barbecue or outside gathering. Use the tips above to help you get rid of the patio ants. If you continue to have an issue with ants outside, you can hire an ant control company to help you get rid of this issue for you.