Have Termites? Choose an Eco-Friendly Termite Exterminator

If you have seen even one termite around or in your home you need to take steps immediately to get rid of it. This is because if you've seen one then you likely have more. Termites are dangerous as they can cause a lot of damage to wood, which can affect the structural support of your home. Before anything like this happens contact an exterminator. One type of termite exterminator is eco-friendly which you should consider. Below is information on two different ways this type of exterminator will get the termites out of your home.

Use Heat

Termites hate the heat, which is why eco-friendly exterminators often use a heat treatment method to get rid of termites. This is eco-friendly as no gases or chemicals are used with this type of treatment. The only thing used is hot air. The exterminator will first seal off the area of your home where you have seen termites. All your windows will be closed and all vents will be closed. This will prevent the heat from escaping. When sealed, they will set up heaters and fans. The heaters will be turned up gradually until the necessary temperature that is needed to kill the termites. The fans will be turned on to help spread the heat around the room. 

The termites will try their best to get out but they will be killed before they have a chance to. Your exterminator can tell you how high the temperature needs to be and give you many more details.

Use Orange Oil

There is a product that is made out of an oil that smells like oranges. When sprayed on termites it will kill them. Many exterminators use a product like this. The only drawback is the oil will have to be reapplied often to kill all the insects. You do not have to worry about any chemicals being used and this can be used both inside and outside of your home. The smell is also not bad and your home will smell like oranges in areas where you use the product.

You can also find this type of product in stores but it may not be made as well as what an exterminator uses. If you do want to do this on your own, however, purchase this and spray it in areas where you have seen termites. Check once a day to see if you need to respray the product. 

Eco-friendly termite exterminators can give you tips on how to prevent termites from coming back into your home.