What Diseases Do Mice Carry?

There are some pests that are simply a nuisance, but other pests can be a major problem for you depending on the type of diseases they're carrying. One type of pest that falls in this category is a mouse. Mice can carry diseases that may lead to you becoming severely ill and can lead to death in extreme cases.

Rat-Bite Fever

If you are bitten by a rodent that is carrying rat-bite fever, you may experience muscle pain, fever, arthritis, and skin rash. Because of the high reproduction rate of rodents, you may find so many in your home that it can be easy to be bitten by one. 


Mouse droppings can contain salmonella, a very common disease that is often contracted by coming into contact with food that has been contaminated by mouse droppings. When coming into contact with it, you might suffer from fever, chills, abdominal cramps, and nausea. 


One of the worst diseases spread by mice is the hantavirus. This is a virus that can potentially be fatal. When an infected mouse defecates and the feces are disturbed, this can lead to the virus becoming airborne. Also, food can become contaminated by feces, saliva, and urine, leading to the individual consuming the infected food.

The Bubonic Plague

The Bubonic plague might be seen as something that only belongs in history textbooks, but the disease still exists and can be spread by mice. It is also potentially fatal. It causes headache and fever and can cause your lymph nodes to swell. 

If you have mice, you'll want to pay attention to these symptoms and visit the doctor as soon as possible. Regardless of how severe the illness might be, you'll want the peace of mind knowing that you'll recover and quickly get back on your feet.

To avoid becoming infected by a harmful disease that is spread by mice, the best thing to do is to contact a rodent control specialist, such as Xtermco Inc. While you may be able to get rid of rodents on your own, the process of trying to eliminate them might expose you to one of these diseases. You also may not fully eliminate the mouse problem.

You might be reluctant to use lethal methods to get rid of your mice problem, so a mice control service is the best choice. They'll be able to use methods that can allow you to eliminate the mice problem before it becomes a health hazard.