Have Ants? Tips For Putting Out Ant Bait

If you've recently noticed ants coming into your home, you'll want to find a way to get rid of them for good. Thankfully, there are plenty of ant poisons at your disposal that can help get the job done. Here is what you need to know about ant control and putting out ant bait.

How Does Ant Bait Work?

Ant bait is unique since it does not kill the ants immediately after they eat it. In fact, it is designed to slowly kill the ant, which should help kill off the rest of the colony. The bait works once the ant consumes it and takes the remaining bait back to their colony. The ants back at the colony will consume the food that was brought back and eventually die, along with the original ant that took the bait. The ant bodies can also still be poisonous as they decompose with the bait still in them.

How Do You Prepare A Room For Ant Bait?

The key to setting out ant bait to ensure that the ants are eating it. You can do this by making the bait the only food source available to them. If the ants are picking up other pieces of food to bring back to the colony, the bait is not going to be nearly as effective. That is why you want to do a deep cleaning of your home to remove all potential food that they could be eating.

Where Do You Place Bait?

Pay close attention to the paths that ants take to get in and out of your home. You'll notice that they stay close to walls, particularly along the home's exterior. If you can locate their entry point, place the bait near it along the wall. The bait should be the first thing that they see, so that they don't venture further into the home to look for food.

At first you may be concerned, since it can seem like the ant bait is actually attracting more ants. That is perfectly normal, especially if you did a good job cleaning and the bait is the only food source. More ants mean that more will be infected by the bait once it is consumed, making it more likely to completely kill off the colony.

If you try placing ant bait in your home and it still doesn't get rid of the ants, call a pest control specialist to take care of the ants for you.