Pest Control Can Keep Your Horses And Cattle Safe From Diseases

Farmers who own horses and cows have to take several steps to ensure that they don't get sick or die. Few understand the serious impact that the horse fly can have on these animals. Thankfully, it is possible to use pest control to avoid these dangers.

Horses And Cows Are Vulnerable To The Horse Fly

The common horse fly is a disgusting vermin that lives in just about every state of the country. They feed on the blood of any mammal they can bite but take special advantage of horses and cows. That's because these large beasts of burden have several areas on the body where their mouths or tails cannot reach. As a result, horse flies can feed on them without much difficulty.

This excessive feeding pattern means that horse flies can breed rapidly and cause your horses and cows a lot of pain and frustration. Even worse, they can spread diseases that can seriously affect the mortality rate of your expensive farm animals.

The Diseases These Pests Spread

While the horse fly will bite humans and may settle in some homes, the diseases they spread are typically not dangerous to people. That's because they are only transferable to animals such as horses and cows. Horses may suffer from Equine Infections Anemia or EIA. This disease, commonly called swamp fever, causes severe lethargy, weight loss, and death.

Cattle may get anaplasmosis from horse flies throughout warmer parts of the country. This disease causes severe anemia and kills about 50 percent of all the animals it infects. If you've seen horse flies buzzing around your horses or cattle, you simply can't leave them exposed to these vermin. Instead, you need to invest in high-quality pest control right away.

Managing These Pests

While horse flies will definitely be annoying if they settle in your home, they rarely end up spending much time inside of houses. If you do find some here, make sure to get them treated right away. However, outdoor horse fly control requires more concentrated care efforts to ensure that your horses or cattle don't suffer from EIA.

For example, you may have to spread common breeding grounds with pesticide to get them off of your land. It is, unfortunately, common to have to remove some trees and other shrubbery from your land. In these cases, you are going to have to call a true professional to ensure that your horses are safe.

These steps may not be cheap but are crucial for protecting your horses. They can also keep you and your family from the annoyance of biting horse flies. So don't hesitate to contact a pest specialist right away to get rid of these annoying creatures. For more information, visit a website such as