Wiping Out Weevils: How to Eradicate the Tiny Beetles Contaminating the Food in Your Kitchen

Is a seemingly endless wave of weevils ruining the food in your pantry? Do you constantly see weevils in your flour, rice, beans, seeds, or oats? If you keep finding weevils in your kitchen, it means that they are laying eggs in your food. The tiny beetles lay up to 400 eggs at a time and spread rapidly. Stop them from spreading and contaminating your food by following the steps below.

Go on a Search and Destroy Mission

Thanks to their tiny size, especially when they're young, weevils easily go unnoticed in contaminated food. So be careful when searching for weevils. Go through your pantry and cabinets and pull out all the food that's in open containers. Sift through the food while using a magnifying glass to look closely for tiny, young weevils.

Throw away all the contaminated food supplies. Don't throw them into an indoor trash can, though. Instead, wrap the weevil-infested items in a plastic bag, tie it shut, and throw the bag in an outdoor dumpster.

Perform Operation Cleanup

With your pantry and cabinets emptied out, clean them from top to bottom. If you have high shelves that you can't see, use a step stool tall enough for you to get a close look at the tops of the shelves. You need to be able to see any weevils that may be hiding; otherwise, stray weevils can end up re-infesting your food supplies, forcing you to start all over again.

Weevils are capable of using old or damaged shelf liners as hiding places, so peel up suspect shelf liners, look carefully for the tiny beetles, and clean the shelves thoroughly with a wet rag.

After the shelves dry, vacuum your pantry and cabinets. Be sure to vacuum any cracks, dings, or dents to get stowaway weevils.

Clean the rest of your kitchen carefully to get rid of any remaining trash and crumbs that will attract pests. Target the areas underneath your fridge, stove, furniture, and appliances in your kitchen. Finally, mop the entire floor using hot water.

Ramp Up Your Food Storage Defense System

Once your kitchen is fully cleaned, make sure weevils can't contaminate your food supplies in the future by storing all food in sealed containers. Use heavy-duty, sealable storage bags or thick food containers with airtight lids. These containers are your best defense against future contamination.

If you continue to find weevils in your kitchen, get help from a pest control expert like JD Termite & Pest Control Company to locate and eliminate the source of the problem.